What is Community Supported Agriculture? 

Community-Supported Agriculture or CSA is a partnership between the farmer and the community. In the CSA, or cooperative, members receive a weekly share of our harvest. This share is an upfront purchase at the beginning of each season. The upfront payment assists farmers in seasonal costs such as seeds, compost, and basic growing materials. Becoming a member connects you directly with the farmers. We pride ourselves in face-to-face interactions with all of our CSA members. We can answer most of your cooking, growing, and storage questions. Plus, we offer several CSA events throughout the growing seasons.  Feel connected to your food and enjoy the endless bounty of local vegetables!

How Does it Work? 

As a member you pay the farmers up front at the beginning of the share season. In return we provide you with the freshest, ripest, most in season produce each week. We prepare you before each pick up with a newsletter. This newsletter will tell you what you'll be getting and a few recipes to help you along. 


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