Jon and Karin met in 2006 while playing soccer at Green Mountain College in Poultney, Vermont. They shared common interests, world-views, and an affinity for animals. After graduation the two moved to Sag Harbor, NY (Jon's hometown) to pursue a summer of "money-making." During that first summer they spent a lot of time in their garden and decided that the excess produce was a business opportunity. They quickly started a small vegetable farm operating out of Jon's parents backyard. The farm proved successful, but their quest for land ownership did not. Wanting more out of life, and a piece of their own land, the two decided to leave Long Island and return to Vermont. Their goal was to continue farming but ownership and land tenure were their highest priority. Luckily, a friend connected them to the Vermont Land Trust. Farming goals, land needs, and location were all laid out in detail and the two set out to find their forever farm. 

Shortly after their search began, the Land Trust advertised the farm for sale in South Barre. The farm was exactly what they were looking for, and just 4 months after their move back to VT, the two were chosen to purchase the old dairy farm. 


In 2014, just six months after moving in, Bear Roots Farm was established. The old pastures were rehabilitated and vegetables now grow on a large portion of the hill farm. 


That same year, Jon and Karin were married, celebrating a long farming-journey together.

Now you can find Jon and Karin at the farm, on any given day, tending to their vegetables, pastures, woodlands, and miscellaneous animals. It is quite obvious that the two have deep gratitude and passion for their land, community, and vegetables. 

1572 South Hill Road Williamstown, VT 05679



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